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If you’re considering self-publishing, this is definitely worth a second look…

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What Do I Want Be When I Grow Up? Beautiful, Smart and Fearless.

I was in my teens when the last woman’s movement came into full swing. I say last because women have been fighting for equality for some time. There will always be room for improvement, but the truth is, women have made great … Continue reading

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I’ve arrived at my least favorite part of writing a novel–I call it tension overload and resolution. No matter what the genre, novels need that moment of danger when all seems to be lost, the heroine has been tied to … Continue reading

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I’ve been lax. I haven’t lit up the blogosphere with any inspirational witticisms or photos over the past few weeks, or written anything for my Publishing on Amazon series. I’ve been working on The Tattooed Angel and Lord knows I can’t do more than one thing at a … Continue reading

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