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A Book Review of BEYOND DEATH by Deb McEwan

What happens after we die? It’s a question that remains unanswered until we learn first-hand, but in the meantime, the unknown spawns creativity. A multitude of songs and books have been written, movies made, each with their own particular twist on the subject. … Continue reading

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Whether you’re traditionally published, self-published, or small press, reviews are an essential part of an author’s career. They help potential readers decide whether or not they want to read our books and Amazon uses them in deciding how our books … Continue reading

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THE TATTOOED ANGEL – a Time-travel

Today, I’m going to indulge in a little self/book-promotion for my latest release. Actually, the word indulge isn’t accurate because the land of marketing has always been a very uncomfortable place for me to hang out. I might indulge in a long soak … Continue reading

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CRUMBS FROM THE EDGE, An Entertaining Look At Just About Everything

Char Bishop’s, Crumbs from the Edge, is an eclectic, beautifully written collection of short stories that range from a ‘you go girl!’ theme in Dancing on the Other Side to a young girl’s heartbreaking thoughts on her wedding night as she waits for her … Continue reading

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Liz Marshall’s debut novel, Seeing Eye, is a delightful read. Ms. Marshall balances suspense and humor like a pro and I alternated between holding my breath and laughing out loud. There is just enough romance to keep it interesting, but … Continue reading

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The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook by Josie Brown

  Donna Stone is a typical suburban mom in the OC. Her days are filled with carpools, volunteer work at the school, and carting her three children and their friends around to their various activities, all while holding down a … Continue reading

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KDP Select, Smashwords, Making Revisions to a Self Published Novel and a Reader’s Complaints

I realize the title of this post seems random, but that’s the kind of month I’ve had. It began with a complaint from a reader, a case of Shingles (I didn’t know what it was so I ignored it at first) and the joyful process … Continue reading

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I’ve been lax. I haven’t lit up the blogosphere with any inspirational witticisms or photos over the past few weeks, or written anything for my Publishing on Amazon series. I’ve been working on The Tattooed Angel and Lord knows I can’t do more than one thing at a … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Own Luck (sequel to my historical romance, The Bewitching Hour) will be available as a free download on Jan. 3rd & 4th. Of the two novels, it’s my favorite because I had so much fun with the main characters, … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing on Amazon #6, Links and Lighting Up the Blogosphere!

O.M.G. I’m doing it again. I’ve given you a page full of links. How exciting is that? It may not be exciting but if you plan on marketing an e-book on Amazon or anywhere else, you should hang onto these links … Continue reading

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