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Liz Marshall’s debut novel, Seeing Eye, is a delightful read. Ms. Marshall balances suspense and humor like a pro and I alternated between holding my breath and laughing out loud. There is just enough romance to keep it interesting, but … Continue reading

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The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook by Josie Brown

  Donna Stone is a typical suburban mom in the OC. Her days are filled with carpools, volunteer work at the school, and carting her three children and their friends around to their various activities, all while holding down a … Continue reading

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KDP Select, Smashwords, Making Revisions to a Self Published Novel and a Reader’s Complaints

I realize the title of this post seems random, but that’s the kind of month I’ve had. It began with a complaint from a reader, a case of Shingles (I didn’t know what it was so I ignored it at first) and the joyful process … Continue reading

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Just letting you know… I’ve dropped price of The Bewitching Hour to $0.00! Free promotion lasts from 3/21 to 3/24 I’ve included an exerpt so you can give it a look. CHAPTER ONE Mayfair London, England 1815 Bloody hell! Eugene … Continue reading

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I’ve been lax. I haven’t lit up the blogosphere with any inspirational witticisms or photos over the past few weeks, or written anything for my Publishing on Amazon series. I’ve been working on The Tattooed Angel and Lord knows I can’t do more than one thing at a … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing on Amazon #6, Links and Lighting Up the Blogosphere!

O.M.G. I’m doing it again. I’ve given you a page full of links. How exciting is that? It may not be exciting but if you plan on marketing an e-book on Amazon or anywhere else, you should hang onto these links … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing on Amazon #5 Where is the Competition?

Unless you’ve recently emerged from a three-year coma, you’re probably aware that there is some controversy when it comes to self-publishing on Amazon. There are those who think Amazon is the holy grail for authors and publishing and there are those who believe that without effective competition, … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing on Amazon #5 With Over a Million Titles in the Kindle Bookstore Are the Odds Against You?

I have limited experience when it comes to Amazon’s e-book marketing (or any other kind of book marketing) but I am sure of two things:  (1) The numbers are daunting.                 (2)Visibility and placement are key to success. Fortunately, there are authors who have been down this road and … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing on Amazon #4 Judging a Book By Its Cover

Someone once said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we make judgements based on appearances all the time. There is the assumption that if you’ve made the effort to create quality packaging, the product inside will be … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing on Amazon #2

There’s a lot to overcome when an author makes the decision to self-publish. Criticism is at the top of the list and some of that criticism is justified. There’s a lot of poorly written, poorly edited, poorly formatted, self-published crap out there.  When I decided … Continue reading

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