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Chicken Little Was Right

I work pretty hard at keeping a positive outlook on life, but this past week has been frustrating. Part of it’s my own doing. I suck at technology. When something would go wrong with my laptop, I’d throw my hands … Continue reading

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All writers have to think about censorship on occasion. Kristin helps put it in perspective.

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The ‘Net Went on Vacation and Why I Love the Tucson Festival of Books

My internet service decided it wanted to take a little time off last week. It didn’t even ask me if it was okay–just went right ahead and did it. The result was catastrophic. I was completely cut off from the rest of the world. Without resources. Alone. … Continue reading

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Looking for Health and Happiness? Eat More Lard.

Now that I’m a woman of a certain age I’ve been a little obsessed with taking care of myself. If you’ve kept up with my posts you know that I’m working out. I’m also taking a hefty number of supplements. I’ve never counted them, … Continue reading

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