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Adventures in Hoarding or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My mother-in-law was a hoarder.  Not a pack-rat or an enthusiastic collector of useless stuff, but a full-fledged, afraid to throw away the trash because she might need it someday kind of hoarder. When she died at the age of eighty-one, the … Continue reading

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Weak Coffee, Bird Barf and Dinosaurs

Today has been one of those days. Nothing major–just a series of little inconveniences. I overslept, woke up with a slight headache and had to make a second pot of coffee because the first one was too weak and I don’t … Continue reading

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Golden Years and Green Feathers

Like most parents, I often dreamed about our children growing up, moving into a home of their own and providing us with grandchildren we could spoil rotten. I also looked forward to a time when I wouldn’t have to do twelve loads of laundry a week, our bathrooms and kitchen … Continue reading

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