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A Book Review of BEYOND DEATH by Deb McEwan

What happens after we die? It’s a question that remains unanswered until we learn first-hand, but in the meantime, the unknown spawns creativity. A multitude of songs and books have been written, movies made, each with their own particular twist on the subject. … Continue reading

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Whether you’re traditionally published, self-published, or small press, reviews are an essential part of an author’s career. They help potential readers decide whether or not they want to read our books and Amazon uses them in deciding how our books … Continue reading

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Gene Gorman’s memoir, You Had to Be There, is a roller coaster ride that takes the reader from Gorman’s childhood to the horrors of Vietnam, his descent into alcoholism, his fight for sobriety and following success as a salesman, entrepreneur, … Continue reading

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CRUMBS FROM THE EDGE, An Entertaining Look At Just About Everything

Char Bishop’s, Crumbs from the Edge, is an eclectic, beautifully written collection of short stories that range from a ‘you go girl!’ theme in Dancing on the Other Side to a young girl’s heartbreaking thoughts on her wedding night as she waits for her … Continue reading

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The Body Odd or Why I Disappeared for Three Months…

After a three month hiatus, I’ve returned to the blogosphere. I wish I could say I’ve been busy doing something really interesting like backpacking the Himalayas or even working on my novel, but the truth is, I was coughing. I … Continue reading

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Teatime for the Firefly

Like a lot of historical fiction fans, I’m constantly on the lookout for new authors, and by the time I was halfway through Shona Patel’s Teatime for the Firefly, I realized I’d found a gem. Teatime for the Firefly takes us to … Continue reading

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Tasteless Lightbulb Ta-ta’s and Free E-Books!

My father-in-law, who had a rather bawdy sense of humor, brought this lady home after vacationing in Hawaii during the late fifties. It was one of the things that my husband insisted we keep from my Adventures in Hoarding  experience. I wasn’t thrilled at first. She’s a little over-the-top … Continue reading

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