It’s Survey Time Again

I’ve always loved historical fiction, but this is the first I’ve heard of this survey. You may want to take it too…

A Writer of History

Announcing HF 2015 SurveyYes, I know some of you will think I’m crazy!

However, the topic of reading is always on my mind and this time, with advice from historical fiction editor and blogger Jenny Quinlan and New York Time best-selling author Beatriz Williams, fellow panel members at the upcoming Historical Novel Society’s Denver conference, I’m releasing a 3rd reader survey.

Topics include:

  • preferences regarding famous or fictional characters
  • what makes characters come alive
  • favourite historical novels (yes, this will be complicated)
  • favourite historical fiction authors (let’s see how the rankings change this year)
  • effects of social media on the reading experience

Please take the survey and share the link with friends, family, and on as many social media venues as you can – The survey will be open until May 14. Many thanks for your help.

A few highlights from prior surveys:

  • HISTORICAL FICTION IS MAINSTREAM: Less than 2% of participants said they rarely or never…

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About Diana Douglas

Diana Douglas, author. Coorganizer of the Arizona Novel Writers Workshop. Member Arizona Historical Novel Society, Member BooksGoSocial Authors, Transplanted Texan.!/themodernscribe
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7 Responses to It’s Survey Time Again

  1. LizMarshall says:

    Interesting that the most popular stories are those of fictional characters living in historically important times. That describes many, many classics, like Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities,” or Stevenson’s pirate tales, which are still read today.

    • The survey made me realized that I’m not the only one who thinks well written historical fiction helps us to understand human behavior. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been reading a book and thought “That explains a lot!”

  2. David Waid says:

    Awesome. I will comment on her site, too, but thanks for passing this along.

  3. Well, if this survey holds true, my historical novel should appeal to lots of readers…now if only lots of readers would read the darned thing! 😉

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