Liz Marshall’s debut novel, Seeing Eye, is a delightful read. Ms. Marshall balances suspense and humor like a pro and I alternated between holding my breath and laughing out loud. There is just enough romance to keep it interesting, but not so much that it overshadows the plot.

Main character Rory Wilson makes her living as a fortune teller who travels with a company of carnies (carnival workers) to state fairs throughout the country. Once she dons her disguise (fake blond hair, fake boobs, heavy make-up, and a whole lot of extra padding) Madame Mona and her crystal ball are open for business.

Rory is a quirky character, mostly likeable, but with tons of baggage. Other than her dog Rawlie, her fellow carnies are her only family, but she has kept from them the one thing that has been a problem since she turned twelve—she really is psychic. And her visions often appear at the most inconvenient times. Rory begins her story with…

On the sixth day of the Arizona State Fair two women entered my tent. In order to arrive at my door these women would have passed huge trailers proclaiming The World’s Smallest Horse, The Longest Snake in North America, The Great American Duck Race. They would have had to run the gauntlet of smells—cotton candy, deep fried Twinkies, The Best Coney Island Hot Dog, and a big open booth where giant turkey legs roasted on an open grate, sending waves of smoky temptation into the midway.

They would have walked rides and twinkling lights and by people of all ages racing across a little pond in giant, clear balls. Voices gliding by in small gondolas strung on cables over their heads…shills along the way would have waved hats, t-shirts, jewelry, brochures in front of them, hoping to entice them to stop and buy…

One of the women has come to find out what happened to her missing husband, a veterinarian at the local racetrack. Rory gives into her vision and reveals that he was murdered, and by whom. The detective assigned to the missing person’s case, Michael Warrick, doubts Rory’s story, but when another murder occurs in front of them at the track, Rory becomes essential to solving the case. I found the attraction that develops between them interesting because I love flawed protagonists. Those flaws make a character unpredictable and keep the reader turning the pages.

If you’re in the mood for a little excitement at the fair, pop over to Amazon.

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And if you enjoy Seeing Eye as much as I did, you’ll be happy to know there is another Rory Wilson mystery in the works.



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  1. This sounds great. I love a mystery with quirky characters and some humor. I think I’ll get it!

    Thanks Diana! How have things been?

    I finally finished my novel. YEAH!

    Anyway, good to hear from you…it’s been a while. 🙂

    • Would you believe I fell off a ten foot ladder about 2 months ago and broke five bones? Isn’t that very Lornaesque of me? The recovery has been rough so up until last week I was hanging out on a hospital bed with heavy duty pain pills and my trusty walker by my side. My right hand was broken so that limited any keyboard activity, but I seem to be okay typing for short spells now.
      Congrats on finishing your book! Is it out yet?
      Good to hear from you too.

  2. Nice review, Diana. I’m so happy and proud for Liz!

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