The Horrors of Self-Promotion

The Horrors of Self-Promotion.  Thank you Mr. Beaudoin. It does my heart good to know I’m not alone in this…

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Diana Douglas, author. Coorganizer of the Arizona Novel Writers Workshop. Member Arizona Historical Novel Society, Member BooksGoSocial Authors, Transplanted Texan.!/themodernscribe
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4 Responses to The Horrors of Self-Promotion

  1. Thanks Diana! Count me in among authors who suck at self-promotion, The only way I have the will or energy to do it is to remember that I really believe in my book and that I’m promoting IT not ME.

    Hey, speaking of promoting, would you like to be interviewed as an author on my blog. I’m doing a series of author interviews to help my blogger buddies promote their books. If you have a book that needs promoting, we could do an interview and you would reach 500 people you might not have otherwise… let me know via my email (

    • For those of us that aren’t natural media hounds, it’s tough, but keep plugging away because you’re an amazing writer. How Was I To Know? is one of the best memoirs I’ve read. I’m hoping there’s another one in the works.

  2. David Waid says:

    Love the article. Thanks, Diana. I am dreading the promotional aspects of writing and every time I read people’s experiences I feel like I’m going to be one of those dancing chickens getting his feet electrocuted in some noisy, light-plinging arcade. But I have known a couple people who have made it crazy big in show-biz and the common thread was an extremely positive outlook. In the arts, at least, when you convince enough other people that your delusion is reality, then it is no longer delusion. That’s why I am trying to turn my inner Eeyore into my inner Roo. I suspect that transformation is where the real battle lies.

  3. I can’t resist posting this. A group of Canadian pediatricians did a tongue in cheek study about Roo and this is what they came up with. ‘The researchers said they are especially worried about baby Roo, who is growing up in a single-parent household and whose closest friend, Tigger, is not a good role model. “We predict we will someday see a delinquent, jaded, adolescent Roo hanging out late at night at the top of the forest, the ground littered with broken bottles of extract of malt and the butts of smoked thistle.” ‘
    I’m so happy our tax dollars didn’t pay for that study.

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