Disappearing blogs and other things I can’t explain…

I’ve encountered technical difficulties this week. Two blogs have vanished right before my eyes as I clicked on save draft. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I’ve got to go pack as we’re on our way to Washington D.C. In the meantime, have a great week.

Now I’m going to cross my fingers, hit publish and see what happens. Wish me luck!


About Diana Douglas

Diana Douglas, author. Coorganizer of the Arizona Novel Writers Workshop. Member Arizona Historical Novel Society, Member BooksGoSocial Authors, Transplanted Texan. http://www.meetup.com/Arizona-Writers-Workshop-com http://twitter.com/#!/themodernscribe
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8 Responses to Disappearing blogs and other things I can’t explain…

  1. Kaye Munroe says:

    Yes! I’ve had saved versions of pages disappear, only to be replaced by older versions I’d edited and updated recently! Yesterday, one revised page was so ‘unrevised’, I thought it would be easier just to delete the entire content & paste in the newer version. After deleting, updating, and double-checking to make sure the material was gone, I copied the document from my laptop & tried to paste it, only to discover the deleted material was back! Now, I’m having to go over every page (I have one chapter per page to make them easier to read), and make sure it’s the way I want it.

    This is really annoying, because one of my main reasons for uploading stuff here is to keep it safe from fire & other potential disasters. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one having problems.

  2. Char Bishop says:

    Yay–it worked. I think there’s some “blog devil” snatches a blog soul here and there when no one is looking.

  3. Good luck, Diana. Our blog’s constantly giving us problems, and because we don’t own it, it’s hard to figure out how to fix it without coming out of pocket. We’re still fairly new to the whole networking thing so we’re still learning, but it’s good to hear that we’re not the only ones with the a blog that suffers from PMS.

  4. I had that problem when I blogged as storysketches. It was always frustrating and a little sad. It was almost as bad as when I typed a large section for one of my novels and my computer crashed before I could save it.

  5. ericjbaker says:

    Yup. About a week and a half ago I saved a draft, only to see the bottom half of the page vanish. I almost always write in MS Word and then paste, but I was using someone else’s computer that one time and had to write in WordPress.. Ain’t that how it happens?

  6. Yes, this happens frequently enough to me that I copy all the content of my post before I hit “Save Draft.” If it saves, no problem. If I get an error like “WP is not responding, try again later,” All I do is go back and paste what I just copied. Some formatting is always lost, but fixing that is better than starting from scratch.

    One way to test whether WP is going to be cantankerous is to just put in a title and a one line then save the draft. If it saves once, usually it will behave. If it doesn’t, I close out of the internet completely and start again. That often resets the wonkiness.

    Good luck! And have fun with your travels!

  7. Lafemmeroar says:

    Well … good luck Diana. I hope it isn’t the WP ghoul … it’s still a few days before Halloween 🙂

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