It’s Thurday! Lighting Up the Blogosphere 6/21/12

I think this Lighting Up the Blogosphere thing really works. Put a positive message out there and see what happens. 

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Life has been good. Since I’ve been Lighting Up the Blogosphere… Our son got a new job that will pay him more money and give him more time with his family. Our daughter got goats. Seriously. She and her husband recently bought a small ranch and she really wanted goats. So now they have goats. (They also went on a three-day cruise, but I think she’s more excited about the goats.) My husband, who has had health issues over the past few years, is now testing within the normal range for everything! I’m finally in the groove and on the home-stretch with my final edit of The Bewitching Hour and I’ve managed to get to the next level with my workouts. (I burned 750 calories in an hour on the treadmill and didn’t die.) True, hard work and perserverance is what helps you meet your goals, but sending out good thoughts and focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t do, opens the door to life’s possibilities.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided that I will not grumble about the heat, (so far our highest temp is 113) the price of gas or the parrot poop I have to clean up.  When negative campaigning or rhetoric comes on, I’m turning off the TV. And when we have our next haboob, I won’t gripe about the dirt and dust that gets everywhere. I’ll just remind myself that it could be worse, turn on the pool pump and get out my microfiber dust cloth.

Okay, so maybe my microfiber dust cloth isn’t going to do much good but I’d still rather have a haboob than a hurricane, tornado or earthquake.

There are all kinds of clichés about staying positive.  I won’t list them because you’ve heard them before, (which, obviously, is why they’re clichés) but the truth is, keeping a positive attitude can change your life and the lives of those around you. So think good thoughts, send them out into the Universe…

And have a great week!!!


About Diana Douglas

Diana Douglas, author. Coorganizer of the Arizona Novel Writers Workshop. Member Arizona Historical Novel Society, Member BooksGoSocial Authors, Transplanted Texan.!/themodernscribe
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6 Responses to It’s Thurday! Lighting Up the Blogosphere 6/21/12

  1. Thoughts are things! (I know, it’s a cliche…but they really are.) 🙂

  2. Marcia says:

    I love your Thursdays and so happy that life is going so well! Especially your hubs’ health and your awesome workouts! That frog pic is so cool! So how does a haboob affect you other than creating a lot of extra dust and dirt? It doesn’t look like fun, but less dangerous than hurricanes and earthquakes, for sure.

  3. They can be dangerous if your’re driving in the middle of one, but mostly they cover everything, inside and out, with a layer of dirt. They create a lot of extra work, but that’s about it.

  4. molly says:

    Most cliches are truisms – this one definitely is! Never heard of an haboob – a monster dust storm? That laidback frog is so cool and the kitten checking out the rabbit is adorable, smiles all around, thanks Diana, cheers catchul8r molly

    • Haboobs happen primarily in the southwest desert of Arizona and the Middleeast. It’s a huge wall of dust, rather than an ordinary dust storm, and leaves everything in it’s wake covered with with dirt.

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