All writers have to think about censorship on occasion. Kristin helps put it in perspective.

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We had a great speaker at our local writers group last week and his speech really got me thinking. Charles Sasser is a prolific author and a terrific writing teacher. I might be a little biased since he was one of my writing teachers. His talk was entitled ‘Writing Controversy’. He shared his views on censorship in the writing community. He said writing things that MAY offend is part of the foundation of our freedom of speech. No one will write something that every reader agrees with, whether fiction or non-fiction. If there is an atmosphere of censorship or we as writers censor ourselves, how can we be writers? How can we write truth or fiction if we are concerned that it “offends”? The most insidious censorship is self-censorship. 

This idea of self-censorship is what struck me in Mr. Sasser’s talk. I’m not talking about revising your writing to make it better, I’m…

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Diana! 🙂

  2. Ty Hutchinson says:

    Interesting discussion.

  3. I went to Kristin’s blog and left a comment. Great topic for me. I am a person who lives life by self-censoring so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. When it comes to writing, I avoid “button-pushing” topics because I don’t like controversy and I have to censor parts of my memoir that deal with people (like my ex and his family) from whom I will never get permission to reveal their true names. I stay true to events, but have to mask identifying details.

    But, as you probably know, when it comes to censoring anything about my life, I am a tell-all kind of gal. I believe my story (or parts of it) can help others with whatever may be going on in their lives.

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